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Body hair loss & odour change?


I'm in my mid 30's %26amp; since approx 7 months into my last pregnancy I lost the hair on my arms %26amp; upper legs, the rest of my body hair became much softer %26amp; feminine. The hair on my head is still the same, no sign of thinning or greying. I also smell different, I don't perspire as much %26amp; also my vaginal odour has changed (it isn't unpleasant, in fact it's more pleasant than it used to be %26amp; I've been checked for infections %26amp; don't have any). I know I'm not heading for the menopause yet so could anyone hazzard a guess at what might be going on? It's as if I'm femininising.... I know that sounds silly but I've always been a tom-boy type. Maybe my body's rebelling to now having 3 sons.

Anyone any idea what's going on here?

Thanks for reading.

Body hair loss %26amp; odour change?

Any possibility of pituitary dysfunction? If there had been hypotension during your last pregnancy, it could have caused pituitary dysfunction, it is known to cause multiple endocrine abnormalities. You need some tests to rule it out. Good luck!

Body hair loss %26amp; odour change?

Just be careful

Body hair loss %26amp; odour change?

This is Miriam Brazels's list from 1997 revised in 2002

As you have stated your body is changing. The sub title of the second book below is "Balance your hormones and your life from Thirty to Fifty"

A woman's body can start to change twenty years before the menopause.

As a preliminary do the on line hormone tests at or

on there are pages that explain the functions of the hormones.

If as I suspect they recommend you obtain hormones please have a saliva test done see or A saliva test will check out active hormones something that blood tests do not.

If a hormone is suggested by the saliva test please take the dose suggested for you. Size 10 shoes are not twice as good if you have size 5 feet.

The WHO (World Health Organisation) uses saliva tests.

Search the web for "natural progesterone hair loss" and you will find many pages read and carefully select.

I believe you'll find many women with the same story who are now better if you search for "natural progesterone"

See for how hormones work the books are better but it is a good place to start

There is a list of doctors at who are aware of the benefits of natural progesterone they may be more helpful than your GP. You are about to educate your GP :-)

Natural progesterone means natural to humans i.e. identical to that produced by the human body.

Any progesterone you buy must be natural progesterone USP. USP means United States Pharmacopoeia. Wild yam is that wild Yam the body will not convert it to progesterone

See for more information regarding obtaining progesterone in the UK

Do not take fake progesterone/progestins manufactured by the drug companies they will be of NO benefit.

Hope this starts you on way back to full health

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