Friday, November 27, 2009

I am female - 25 me with my hair dilemma!?

i started going grey at 13 used henna for a while only because i wanted to use something natural did that for 5 years then i switched to loreal as henna is too much of a i dont feel like coloring my hair anymore. currently my color is dark brown and when my silver roots start to show only after two weeks of coloring it just drives me crazy and waiting for another two weeks is so much hard (especially when i have to go to some party). i am so fed up with it that i am even thinking of going bald and have decided that i wont color my hair again...but its needs lots of there any other better solution to lighten my color without causing anymore damage to my grey roots look nasty in dark hair me

I am female - 25 me with my hair dilemma!?


thats a toughy...

if u haven't already i would seek professional help just in case there is more problems lying underneath the surface that you may be unaware of.

i would continue dying it... but if it is that much of a hassel.

maybe... shave your head and buy some wigs.

wigs are a fun hip way to change hairstyles every day.

try it out!

and good luck!!!

I am female - 25 me with my hair dilemma!?

Bleach your hair blonde, itll be less obvious.

I am female - 25 me with my hair dilemma!?

dye your hair a lighter color.

usually ash blonde helps keep out the brassy tones when changing dark hair to light so it doesnt look orange.

but you should consider meeting with a nutrtionist, maybe they can help.

I am female - 25 me with my hair dilemma!?

WTF do you eat?

I am female - 25 me with my hair dilemma!?

Other than keeping on dying your roots, I would have to say a wig woud be the only way to go. There's a lot of stylish ones out there:). You can dye for a season, and where the wig for the next.

I am female - 25 me with my hair dilemma!?

highlights are an option it will help blend in your grays rather then cover or camoflauge them. If you get it done at a salon it should be non damaging have them add a shine gloss like shades eq clear gloss or prisms(semi- permenent) color along with the highlights, this will soften hair cuticle and make it shine. stay away from henna for its a metalic dye, which could react to metal or solutions like perms or some colors,

I am female - 25 me with my hair dilemma!?

First make sure you're not anemic, also maybe get a vitamin-deficiency test. (I've read that nutrition and nutrient absorption can affect greys, but I'm not sure that's completely true.) Second, were you henna'ing your whole head each time? Maybe you could consider just doing the roots. Or do a henna gloss, which only takes about a half hour. You could also try cassia, which is applied like henna, and can (if you get good cassia) tint the greys blonde. One more thing, rather than shaving it off, you could cut it pixie short and then henna or cassia would be much easier to handle. I think that is a better option than shaving it off. Good luck!

I am female - 25 me with my hair dilemma!?

I would go with foiling highlights .. as already mentioned in here.. but go for slicing instead of chunking or just weaving.. have your stylist slice foils in at the top and weave throughout.. it's pretty and covers the sliver roots much better than darker tints..

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