Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Information on hereditary greying of hair?

the greying started from 7 years of age

Information on hereditary greying of hair?

Gray Hair

name Timothy James C.

status student

age 11

Question - Why do peoples' hair turn gray?



Speaking only for myself, as an older ellow with white hair, it might

get that way because bright young fellows like you ask Newton scientists

so many hard questions.

Seriously though, hair is alive only where it is attached to the scalp

in the hair follicle. If one has an inherited tendency for graying hair,

in time the pigment-making cells cease functioning. When that happens,

the protein of which the hair is made reverts to its natural color which

is rather white.

Sometimes emotional stress or other trauma can cause the pigmentation

mechanism to be suddenly alters. The result is the oft mis-characterized

"turning gray overnight." Interruption of pigmentation almost always

occurs gradually -- not overnight

Thanks for the thought-provoking question.


ProfHoff 319


Hi, Timothy !!!

The mixture between colours white and black result

gray. The hair turns white because no more pigments

are produced by the cells. It depends upon genetics

how soon you will have white hair. Sooner or later everyone

will have white hair...and sooner or later, everyone will die.

But you have still a lot of time. Enjoy it !!!

Alcir Grohmann

Beschaffung SAM

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