Friday, November 27, 2009

How does your hair change as we age?

My hair has always been pin straight, infact people used to comment on ow well I had used the straightners on it.

I have just noticed in the last year or so that it is more Rick Parfitt (Status Quo) no offence Rick, than glossy!

Is this down to my age, 40?

I do not colour or highlight it (yet) as it is naturally blonde and any stray greys blend in quite well so far.

Is there anything I can rinse thu it to make it like it used to be?

How does your hair change as we age?

You can go to any hair salon and ask for a deep conditioning treatment containing panthenol and make an appointment for this once a month, also regular trims will improve the overall condition of your hair. Use your hair-dryer less and use a heat defence spray when you do use a dryer. Don't over wash your hair and don't use cheap shampoo and conditioner. Use a salon recommended one for your hair type.

As we get older, our hair is like our skin. It loses elasticity and shine, can look dull and lifeless and straight hair can develop a wave or 'kink'. This is caused by the cortex becoming drier and almost 'shrinking' making the hair look wavier.

A good routine with the right treatments and shampoos and you will have the beautiful hair you used to have.

How does your hair change as we age?

anti frizz stuff at most chemist %26amp; supermarkets .. if frizzy id staus quo

mines gone darker and fizzier %26amp; @ 39 no grey bits yet !

How does your hair change as we age?

pantene do a range of shampoo for older women lol not that ur old noo way but hair is unforgiving and maybe a few highlights will give it depth and volume adding texture

How does your hair change as we age?

As we age our hair becomes more porous and brittle, it also thins to varying degrees. There are 'pro-age' shampoos and conditioners available and the best you can do is to moisturise appropriately for your hair type. There are vitamin complexes available from health shops that might have some benefit (Cheryl Baker advertises one brand), apart from that it is probably best not to further stress or damage your hair with chemical processes such as colouring or perming.

How does your hair change as we age?

I know it thins out as we get older., I got a few grey bits when I hit early forties, I highlight mine but I think whatever colour you put on, you`re going to have to keep up with. We got a history in our family of thinning hair - my aunt and Nan and Moms hair all thinned out in their 30`s, I been lucky so far but It will happen I think.

How does your hair change as we age?

Hair thins as we get older. Some people a few stay the same. It is less pliable, therefore will not curl as good. Try using good conditioner on it every time you wash it. Or you can get those oil sachet's and you warm them, put a towel around you head that helps. But if you are one tablets that can affect the hair and make it go dry. Also too much sun, although with this summer it is not probably that is it ha ha.

How does your hair change as we age?

have you tried the new shampoo and conditioner from dove i can't remember what it's called but it is for mature hair

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