Friday, November 27, 2009

Hair not taking any color!!!?

It's been a year since I colored my hair just wanted to let my natural come back, anyway a month ago decided to color again, basically just wanted to lighten my dark brown. I used a color that specifically was for darker colored hair to make it lighter it did nothing!! Two weeks later I used a natural blonde for brown hair and nothing again and it did not even cover up the little greys it said it should. I have never had this big of a problem before just to lighten my hair!! What else do I do without screwing up my hair???

Hair not taking any color!!!?

My suggestion would fall along the lines of the one obove me...have your hair colored to match somewhat the color you have and then merely get some highlights {weaved} in, any more bleaching than that you'll have fried hair no doubt.

Besides, a little depth and dimension to hair color is nice...all one color doesn't look as pretty typically, you could even have two colors weaved in.

Good luck.

Hair not taking any color!!!?

If you colored your hair dark with a dye, using a lighter dye will not lighten the darker dye.

It does not work that way.

Tint (dye) will not lift tint.

It is one of the 1st things you learn in beauty school.

In order to get the tint lifted out, you need to bleach it out.

Be prepared for orange straw and then a nice short haircut.

Also... what product did you but that was specifically to lighten dark brown hair to light brown. Unless you are applying, processing and re applying, on NATURAL hair, no haircolor will lift more than 4 levels and then you will still end up with some horror show of orange straw.

Hair not taking any color!!!?

Are you sure you got a permanent haircolor? Or the color you received was already oxidized and therefore will not work. This happens if it got too hot or was exposed to the air.

Hair not taking any color!!!?

gt hair bleach from a drug store or your natural hair color is not meant 2 be changed lady

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