Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How can i stop premature Grey hair? did anyone try reminex?

Don't try expensive, useless products. They won't put back the colour in your hair.

It's minerals and vitamins you need!

Zinc is the most important mineral grey hair needs, which is needed to make pigments. Eat darkgreen vegetables!

While you're at it: make sure you eat enough B-vitamins, vitamin E, A and Magnesium too. Vital for healthy hair and scalp.

Eat orange vegetables, darkgreen vegetables, whole-groats, milk-products and 3-5 eggs every week (don't combine with too much meat, cholesterol and all).

Stress is the number one factor of grey hair: it eats away your Zinc-reserves, meaning no zinc will be available for hair-pigments.

Try this "hair-diet" a month, and you'll not only have colourful hair, but smooth skin and a good temper too!

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