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How does one make ayurvedic hair oil?

This hair oil should prevent hair loss and premature greying of hair. Please share a recipe that has worked for you.

How does one make ayurvedic hair oil?

100 gms coconut oil

50 gms castor oil

50 gms olive oil

25 gms badam oil

mehndi leaves

karipatta leaves

amla powder

mix and boil use regularly

the old the oil is gives more effect

How does one make ayurvedic hair oil?

Those ingredients are impossible to find. Report It

How does one make ayurvedic hair oil?

Just buy a bottle

How does one make ayurvedic hair oil?

read about herbal recipes for hot oil treatements, hair packs, face packs etc..

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How does one make ayurvedic hair oil?

coconut oil boiled with herbs

How does one make ayurvedic hair oil?

try these tips...... they relle work!!

Hair Wash

The best way of washing hair is with Aritha and Shikakai Powder. It does not have any chemicals or any other side effects. Aritha and Shikakai powder is available at any General stores or even a banyan shop.


Dry Hair - Egg, Herbal shampoo or any shampoo for dry hair.

Normal Hair - For normal hair fruit shampoos or henna shampoo is good.

Oily Hair - Lemon Shampoo

Hair Oil

Oil your hair at least once in a week. If you have dry hair then oil it twice a week. Hair oil gives the necessary moisturizers to your hair. Herbal hair oil provides you the necessary nourishment along with the moisturizers.

Hair Conditioners


Henna conditions and colours your hair.

Dry hair - Add some milk, water and 1-2egg yolks in henna. This mixture will not dry your hair and will make it soft and manageable. Apply it monthly.

Normal to Oily Hair 閳?Add water, lemon, egg yolks in henna. You can apply Henna fortnightly.

Home made conditioners

Add 褰?cup of vinegar in 闄?bucket of water. This will give a good shine to your hair. Mix curds and egg yolks together and apply it for 1hour.

Hair Tonics

Try tonic Hair Oil閳ユ獨 powder - Put 4 tsp of this powder in water, boil it and after cooling down apply it on hair. This will stop hair loss, rejuvenate and nourish your hair.

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