Sunday, June 20, 2010

Best Hair dye (covering premature grey)?


I'm currently 18 (Male) and my hair is/was dark brown however now it's about 50% grey (go on, laugh... I'm pretty sure everyone else does).

Anyway, I've been using "Just For Men" but to be honest it's pretty useless after about 7 days it's almost completely washed out. Does anyone have use any better ones with more permanent results?

Any suggestions would be great,


Best Hair dye (covering premature grey)?

i recommend Revlon. browse your hair dye section at your local store or have it professional dyed.

Best Hair dye (covering premature grey)?

Live is good as my cousin is 15 and he has lots of grey hair inherited by his dad so he dyes it using LIVE

Best Hair dye (covering premature grey)?

just for men is a metallic color and if you color it with another type of color it will most likely melt off.

grow it out first then color it with a semipermanent color 2 shades lighter than your natural color. it will look more like natural hilites than color.

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