Thursday, June 17, 2010

Is there grey color dye or hair processing?

I actually would like to have my hair silvery or refined grey. Is there a product that will take it from the blonde (almost brassy at times) dyed color to its more natural grey now that the majority of it seems to be a quite nice mix of silver and pale blonde to brown. My hair is long and I do not want to wait the three years or so for it to slowly grow out nor do I wish to cut it short. I have asked my stylist but she just highlights it although she has suggested lowlighting. Not sure why she did not decide that was the option. Thanks for any input you might have.

Is there grey color dye or hair processing?

i actually have this dilemma in my salon. one of my clients is our local santa. our demi-permanent color line makes a "pearl" (white-ish gray) and a "silver" (more steel gray). i mix the two as a toner when i bleach santa's hair and beard, so he has the more traditional gray santa hair.

i have never seen over the counter gray color.

you need to look for a salon that uses wella color. more specifically, wella color touch demi-permanent color. i can't remember the names of the colors, but the pearl one, which is lighter, is 10/89, and the silver one (darker) is 8/81. colors don't give the same effect to all people. and if your hair is highlighted, the hairs your stylist doesn't pick up that remain natural will NOT be affected by demi-permanent color. demi-permanent color is an oxidative deposit-only color, meaning, it is long lasting (approximately between 4 to 8 weeks, depending on your hair, your shampoo, how often you shampoo, and a few other variables) color that can only darken, or give tone on tone coverage.

if you have a local regis salon, give them a call, as most regis salons use wella color.

hope this helps!

Is there grey color dye or hair processing?

ummm bleach it?

Is there grey color dye or hair processing?

I always wanted to color my hair grey as well. Whenever u find out the answer please email me. i wanted the xmen look wit the gray streak in the front. its soooo hot

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