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How do u get hair to dye white or grey/silver?

i've been trying to dye my hair white or grey/silver a couple of times but the dye never works. my hair is dark brown but i have it dyed black. i bleached my hair a few times and got it really light in some parts but in others the more i dyed it the more it got orange-ey from the bleach. when i tired to use the white and the silver hair dye they both didn't work even on my roots that were as light as they could get next to going white. i've been trying to dye it with wella hair dye. does anyone know any other brands i should use or woulf be better to just go to a salon and have a professional do it. i've spent about 40 dollars just on dye and bleach and stuff and i gave up and dyed it black it again because i got fed up after the dye didn't work

How do u get hair to dye white or grey/silver?

first things first, dye does not lift dye... and since you have tinted it black over previously lightened hair, the liklihood of being able to achieve platinum is not good...

in order to get the white/silver look the natural pigment has to be lifted to very pale yelow(not white as it will break) and then toned to the desired color.... when you have artificial pigments they kind of get in the way of this process... while the natural pigment is lifting fairly swiftly the artificial pigment is harder to break down ( I could go into molecular structure to explain further, but I will spare you)

in the future go see a hair color specialist for a consultation

unfortunately, the worst thing that you could have done when you had lifted your hair to orange (the pigment that takes the longest to lift) was to dye it black... your hair is probably quite unstable at this point ( with many pigments and porosities) and I would probably refuse making your hair bleach blonde if you were my client.. besides, a corrective color of your magnitude would probably set you back between $300 -$500 and take several hours if not repeat visits


How do u get hair to dye white or grey/silver?

Mix several dyes together until u get the desired color like a painter would do.

How do u get hair to dye white or grey/silver?

A big problem you may be having is if you are using the bleach kits you buy at retail stores. They are ment for lightening your hair to dye it a few shades lighter, not white. The best thing to do would be to go to a cosmetologist supply store, like sally's beauty supply, and get a bleach packet (I usually use the kalidecolors blue pack) and 40 volume developer. You want to apply this to your hair, tips to roots and allow up to an hour to process. It is very important that your hair stays well saturated with the bleach while it is processing so wear a shower cap or use saran wrap. You can also try using a blow dryer on a medium heat off and on through the hour. It will be quite difficult to reach a white color when you have recently dyed your hair black, at home or at a salon. You may also want to wait a while to let your hair recoop from all the damage you've done to it. I reccomend getting a deep conditioner from the same supply store (if you dont have one around, use aussie deeeeeep conditioning balm) The people that work at sallys are very helpful and more than willing to answer any questions. I hope that gives you a good start.

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